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Frequently Asked Questions

What military branch pays the most?

Commissioned Officers is the military branch that makes the most money. To be clear, it's not a branch but it's just the type of job a person can choose. There are two types of jobs in the U.S Military. They are - Commissioned Officers; Enlisted Service Members.

What is the military pay scale?

What Is The Military Pay Scale - Military pay out charts are employed by every one of the uniformed branches of your U.S. military services to set rates and phrases of pay for personnel on energetic responsibility. Active obligation users on the military services are entitled to various pay back grades and, generally, a greater foundation pay.

How much does military get paid?

In 2019, the U.S. Coast Guard hired the most employees titled Military Pay, with an average salary of $49,343. Government Military Pay jobs are classified under the General Schedule (GS) payscale. The minimum paygrade for a Military Pay job is GS-1, and the highest paygrade that can be attained within this job series is GS-9.

What is the average military salary?

Average salary for Military is US$ 75,792. Detailed salary report based on location, education, experience, gender, age etc. Advanced 2020/21 Survey.

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