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Frequently Asked Questions

What size compression socks should I get?

USAEuropeWhen considering your appropriate size for compression socks, revert to sizing as per your calf girth. Shoe sizes are indicated to help you gain an idea of your size in the case that you are not aware of your calf girth. As with all size charts, these measurements are provided as a guide only.

What is the size of the 2XU?

2XU Sizing Information Size XS SM MD XL chest 31-33" 34-37" 38-40" 44-47" (cm) 79-81 86-94 95-102 110-120 waist 25-27" 28-31" 32-34" 39-42" 8 more rows ...

Is 2XU a good brand?

Created by athletes for athletes, 2XU is a high-performance sportswear brand with a keen focus on creating activewear that is proven to provide physiological benefits to the wearer. The 2XU range primarily features compression gear, such as tights, leggings, shorts and tops; as well as general sports apparel such as t-shirts, hats and jackets.

What is 2XU Triathlon Series?

We are showing everyone that change is possible and that a fitter healthier life is doable. The 2XU Triathlon Series is a welcoming and vibrant 6 race series that champions the achievements of all experience levels, providing a platform for all to accomplish their triathlon goals.

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