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Frequently Asked Questions

What does The 3DMark score represent?

The 3DMark Score represents the overall gaming performance of the tested system . Both the GPU and the CPU performance are reflected in the score. The GPU Score and CPU Score are called the sub-scores; they represent the performance of the GPU and CPU, respectively. The 3DMark® Score is formed by taking a weighted harmonic mean of the sub-scores.

What are the four types of benchmarking?

There are four primary types of benchmarking: internal, competitive, functional, and generic. Internal benchmarking is a comparison of a business process to a similar process inside the organization. Competitive benchmarking is a direct competitor-to-competitor comparison of a product, service, process, or method.

What is a benchmark GPU?

GPU Benchmark. GPU benchmarking is a great method of checking the ability of a newly acquired or overclocked GPU. As mentioned above, you can benchmark your GPU using two different methods: simulated and real-time benchmarking. GPUs affect gaming performance more than they do general PC usage and multi-tasking.

What is benchmark tool?

Benchmark Tool & Machine is responsible for creating custom shipping containers for several of the largest Japanese and Domestic automakers, as well as Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

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