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Frequently Asked Questions

Does 3ds Max work on a Mac?

No, the 3Ds mac software is not compatible on Mac but you can use things like Bootcamp or parallels to run Windows on your Mac. There is no specific version of 3Ds Mac that runs on Mac.

What is HDRI in 3ds Max?

HDRi is an acronym for High Dynamic Range images and do not specifically belong to 3Ds max. HDRi are the particular type of images which are capable of storing light information of a particular surrounding in a much greater range than conventional camera images.

What does 3DS stand for?

The Nintendo 3DS Stand is an accessory that is bundled with Kid Icarus: Uprising in North America, Europe, and Japan. Included free of charge, the accessory was released alongside Uprising on March 22, 2012 in Japan and March 23 in North America and Europe. It is also available for purchase separately in Japan.

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