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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 3M sell?

Constantly striving for innovation and new products, 3M invested more than $1.8 billion in R&D in 2018. 3M generates revenue from sales of about 55,000 products across five segments: Industrial, Safety and Graphics, Electronics and Energy, Health Care, and Consumer.

What is the company name "3M" stands for?

3M is an abbreviation of the company name Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, which has been called 3M since 2002. 3M is a registered trademark.

What does 3M stand for in company?

3M [not an acronym] (originally Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing) 3M: Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing: 3M: Three Musketeers: 3M: Directed Patrol (police incident code; New Zealand) 3M: Maintenance and Material Management System: 3M: Maintenance and Materiel Management

Is 3m a buy?

With its high yield, exemplary dividend history, and growth catalysts, 3M is a buy. I haven't covered Post-It legend 3M ( MMM) for some time here on Seeking Alpha, and while I was figuratively away, 3M has turned into a very attractive stock.

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