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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 14 30 mean on a shirt size?

If the label shows for example“14 30”, then this means a neck width of 14 inches and a sleeve length of 30 inches. Alpha sizing (XS, S, M, L, XL): while these dress shirt sizes are commonly used, they have the disadvantage of being quite arbitrary.

How does standard size work on a shirt?

How Standard Sizing Works. Dress shirts rely on two measurements, neck size, and sleeve length. The neck size appears first, and increases by half inches range from 13" to 19". The second number is the sleeve length. Every shirt has two length options that depend on which of the buttons you are using on the cuff.

What are the sizes of men's dress shirts and casual shirts?

Men's Dress Shirt And Casual Shirt Size Chart - S M L XL Avg. Neck Size 14.5-15.5" 15.5-16.5" 16.5-17.5" 17.5-18" Avg. Sleeve Length 32/33, 34/35" 32/33, 34/35, 36/37" 32/33, 34/35, 36/37" 34/35, 36/37"

Do US/UK shirt sizes include sleeve length?

US/UK shirt size is often given with both collar size and sleeve length, i.e. 14/32. See different sleeve lengths in our US Shirt Size Chart. European and Japanese sizes usually don't include sleeve length. Tips, Tricks or Questions about Men's Shirt Size Conversion? Tips, tricks or questions about men's shirt size conversion? Please post below.

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