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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a timer for one second?

A 1 Second Timer is a timer that activates connected devices automatically, with a one second cool down. To use it, connect it and the desired device with Wires, and right click the timer, activating it.

What is a count down timer?

A countdown timer is a device which is designed to count down to a particular event. They range in design from simple mechanical devices like those used in the kitchen to electronic versions designed to be downloaded and installed on a desktop. Numerous websites also use a countdown timer to mark the days, hours, minutes,...

What is a silent timer?

Silent Timers are ideal for testing and other noise-sensitive environments. You won't find a better selection, Bodytronics has a silent timer with the features you need.

What is a round timer?

The Round Timer is a convenient round/boxing/sparring timer for your iPhone/iPod touch, now compatible with iOS 8. The Round Timer is a fully functional round/sparring timer that allows you to customize the length of the rounds, warning bell and resting period.

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