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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Five Star Bank headquarters?

Five Star Bank. Five Star Bank, a member of FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), is financial services company founded in 1881. Five Star Bank became an FDIC member on Jan 01, 1934 and has been assigned certification number 659. The national headquarters is located at 55 North Main Street, Warsaw NY.

Who is the CEO of Five Star Bank?

James Beckwith is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Five Star Bank and its holding company, Five Star Bancorp.

What is 5 star credit?

In the world of BauerFinancial, 5-Stars means that the bank or credit union is at the top or in “superior” condition. Only the 3.5-Star rating is reserved for banks, which means “good” however a 3-Star rating, which includes credit unions means that the financial institution is in “adequate” shape.

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