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Frequently Asked Questions

What are facts about archery?

Archery facts for kids History. The earliest evidence of archery dates back more than 9,001 years. ... Equipment. Clay Hayes drawing a Pacific yew selfbow using the split finger method. ... Images for kids. Hunting for flying birds from the back of a galloping horse was considered as the top category of the archery.

Is archery a safe sport?

Archery is a safe sport. One reason for its great safety record is the strict guidelines for range safety. Archery organizations around the world adopt similar, if not identical, safety practices that must be in place. Archery is also a non-contact sport, thus eliminating the situation of physical size and stature becoming a factor for collisions.

Where to buy archery equipment?

Aside from Amazon, there are other places you may consider buying archery supplies. EBay, for instance, is another great source for online shopping. The other great benefit of Amazon is price. Typically you are going to get the best price available for all of the major brands that you are looking at.

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