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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are connexion development?

Connexion Developments Ltd are specialist solenoid valve stockists and suppliers all types of solenoid valves including 2/2 and 3/2 way brass, stainless and plastic general purpose, cryogenic, high temperature, high pressure and ATEX hazardous area valves for the Trade, OEM and End User Global markets.

What is the Connexions service in England?

The Connexions Service in England was part of a government strategy to reduce social exclusion among young people. We explore its strange roots, the emergence of the personal adviser role, and the current state of development of the Service.

Is the Connexions service designed for all young people?

The first was linked to the claim that the Connexions Service is designed not just for young people at risk of social exclusion, but for all young people. It was supposed to be both a targeted and a universal service.

Why use conconnexion?

Connexion helps you get your IT systems firing on all cylinders. We are full service IT partners to businesses of up to 600 users. Our clients love our expert support, and our business-minded approach to technology. We think you will too. Data security solutions and consultancy to reduce business risk from cybercrime and stay compliant

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