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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Speirs Finance Group?

Speirs Finance Group, a division of ELF Group, provides finance and asset management capability, with AB Equipment being one of NZ’s largest distributors of capital equipment. And with the backing of both Maui Capital & Milford Asset Management, some of NZ's best known investors, we're a solid yet nimble, experienced bunch.

Who are Speirs foods?

We are Speirs Foods, based in Marton New Zealand. We are well known for producing and marketing fresh salads for supermarkets and food service customers. More recently, we have put an emphasis on being a leader in innovation and collaboration - designing for the modern consumer.

What is Speirs group's ownership of el&f?

Speirs Group holds a 2.27% shareholding in Equipment Leasing and Finance Holdings Limited ("EL&F"). In September 2016, this entity acquired AB Equipment Limited and NZ Trucks Limited.

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