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Frequently Asked Questions

When is national certification day for nursing?

Join AACN in celebrating certified nurses on March 19! This national day of recognition honors the important achievement of nursing specialty, subspecialty and advanced practice certification – and provides a perfect opportunity to acknowledge and thank certified nurses for their hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence.

How do you Celebrate Certified Nurses Day?

Get T-shirts made for the certified nurses at your facility. Create a festive atmosphere on your unit. Post a shout-out to certified nurses on social media. Present trophies to honor certified nurses’ commitment. Distribute special certification buttons or ribbons. Use Certified Nurses Day to inspire future certificants.

How many organizations participated in the first Certified Nurses Day?

More than 70 organizations participated in the first Certified Nurses Day by signing the proclamation and sponsoring annual events including: Certified Nurses Day is the perfect opportunity to invite all nurses to advance their career by choosing certification.

How do you Celebrate the anniversary of the AACN?

Resources to Help You Celebrate 1 Recognition Stickers. Give these stickers to certified nurses to wear with pride. ... 2 Commemorative Poster. Show appreciation for certified nurses by posting this flyer in your unit/facility. ... 3 Sample Media Release Template. ... 4 Browse Gifts in the AACN Store. ... 5 Purchase an AACN Gift Certificate. ...

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