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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the AANA Learn program part of the Crna network?

AANA Learn is now part of the CRNA Knowledge Network. As an AANA member, you have free access to all “member exclusives.” Sign up for free with the “basic” plan to start earning free CE. Network with CRNAs at AANA's exclusive meetings and events. Earn Class A CE credits, build your network, and meet with AANA leaders.

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Who is the current president of the AANA?

AANA President Mark H. Getelman, M.D., FAANA delivers his first message as president of AANA for the 2021-2022 term. AANA announces the newly elected 2021-2022 Board of Directors. Together we have raised over $1 million to support AANA’s mission of advancing the field of arthroscopic surgery and improving patient outcomes.

Why are Aana calculations important for smaller firms?

AANA calculations are now hugely important for smaller firms. Phases 5 and 6 are two huge tidal waves compared to the previous phases, catching unprecedented volumes of mainly buy-side firms. AANA calculations are required to confirm which phase each firm’s parent group, or funds, are in-scope for.

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