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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is an Anando Food Group?

Anando Food Group is a local family-owned business that has over 20 years’ experience in sourcing, manufacturing and supplying the finest quality range of Dairy, Grocery, Bakery, Desserts, Snacks, Drinks, Nuts and Global Cuisine. We now supply Australia wide through our extensive distributor network and have a growing export market.

Is Anando a good dairy company?

Thank you Anando for great quality products" Our company manufactures drinks and food products for the health industry and most of our dairy comes from Anando. Always fresh and good quality never had a problem once in the last 2 years of working with them!

What is ABP Ananda?

ABP Ananda formerly known as STAR Ananda was launched on 1 June 2005. From 1 June 2012 STAR Ananda was rebranded as ABP Ananda. This channel brings broad and insightful news reports along with entertainment features. Watch ABP Ananda live on

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