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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does AANP charge for certification verification?

AANPCB currently charges a nominal fee of $40 USD for each order for verification of national certification. All orders require the purchaser's email for processing. There is NO charge for verifications provided to State Boards of Nursing.

How do I get AANP certified?

How do you become AANP- FNP certified? To become AANP-FNP certified, you will first need to meet all of the education requirements such as completing a graduate level nurse practitioner exam. After you meet the education requirements, you can then apply and take the AANP-FNP exam.

What are the requirements for AANP recertification?

Two Options for the Renewal of AANP Rertification. Recertify through Clinical Practice hours and continuing education (CE). Applicants must have at least 1,000 hours of clinical training as a Nurse Practitioner job in any field through faculty employment, clinical supervision, or volunteering within the five years for certification.

How long is AANP certification valid?

The AANPCB certified NP means they have successfully passed the national certification exam that demonstrates the professional competence of the NP role. Certification is time-bound and valid for five years only. NP Certification expires after five years of certification.

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