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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the American Academy of nurse practitioners certification board?

In 2017, the Certification Board officially changed its name to the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Board. AANPCB certifications are now recognized by all U.S. state nursing boards, nurse regulators in Canada and Puerto Rico, Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration and private insurance companies.

What is the AANP exam?

The AANP exam is an assessment that provides nurse practitioners who pass it with certification in a particular specialty in nursing. As the AANP exam primarily includes questions that evaluate a candidate's competency and clinical application, the test covers a few different subjects in nursing.

What is aanpcb certification?

A: AANPCB is a nonprofit national nurse practitioner certification board that provides a valid and reliable program for the evaluation of individuals wishing to enter, continue, and/or advance in the nurse practitioner (NP) profession through the certification process. AANPCB has been certifying nurse practitioners since 1994.

How do I Find my aanpcb membership number?

Your AANPCB certification number, username, and password are uniquely different from your membership number and login information. Membership numbers are composed of numerals only. Contact AANP or AAENP for your Membership number.

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