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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the abbreviation for well-known text?

How is Well-Known Text abbreviated? WKT stands for Well-Known Text. WKT is defined as Well-Known Text very frequently.

What do text abbreviations mean?

Text abbreviations are the shortened versions of words which make it easier to send written messages on a cell phone. An example of text abbreviations is saying OMG (Oh, my God), 2nite (tonight), brb (be right back), lmk (let me know) or wayd (what are you doing?).

How to create list of abbreviations in Microsoft Word?

Go to Home > Editing > Find > Advanced Find on the main ribbon.In the Find what… field, add ‘ [A-Z,0-9] {2,}’ (minus the quote marks).Click the More > > button and select Use wildcards.Under the Find In menu, click Main Document.

What do the abbreviations for text messaging mean?

[email protected] - What?W/ - WithW8 - WaitWAH - Working at homeWAM - Wait a minuteWAYF - Where are you from?W/B - Write backWB - Welcome backWBU - What about you?WC - Who caresMore items...

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