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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install Sol 1.2.4 manually?

Install Sol 1.2.4 manually! 1. Open the Sol zip. 2. Go into the folder /MODS/Sol 3. Copy the folders apps, content, extension and system to AC root folder 4. Confirm overwriting existing files

How to fix Black Sky in Sol 1.2?

What I did was reinstalled my Assetto Corsa, followed his steps again, got black sky, and then I went to content manager -> Settings -> Custom Shaders Patch -> Install and that fixed the black sky for me. Hi, No not yet. I will probably end up reinstalling AC this evening and reinstall installing Sol.

What are the updates coming out for Sol?

This update has a focus on the PostProcessing filters. There are 4 PPFilters coming with Sol: 1. "__Sol" This is a basic filter, where almost all Sol picture improvements and effects are deactivated. It should be used for compatibility issues or for testing content.

Is there a CSP 1.69 for Corsa mod Sol?

Assetto Corsa Mod Sol 2.0 and CSP 1.69 FULL Rain Install And Walkthrough GuideSOL 2.0 is finally out and adding CSP 1.69 brings stunning exterior weather and...

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