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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the formula for the AC solenoid force?

The exciting current for ac solenoid is alternating current. The magnetic induction intensity of air gap is changing over time, so the ac solenoid force is also changing over time. AC solenoid force formula is: F av = 2B m2 S ╳ 10 5 . Elements of the formula of ac solenoid attractive force:

How does alternating current affect a solenoid coil?

Alternating current also creates varying levels of current flow in solenoid coils, depending on the position of the plunger. When the solenoid coil is first energized and the air gap is at its widest point, the magnetic circuit is incomplete, the AC resistance or impedance is low and the electrical current demanded by the coil is high.

Which is stronger the AC solenoid or the AC?

The current when ac solenoid starts is much stronger than the current when ac solenoid is working. The experiment results show that, for a U-shape ac solenoid, its excitation current when ac solenoid starts is 10-15 times of the excitation current when ac solenoid is working.

What is the magnetic flux of an AC solenoid coil?

AC solenoids refer to the solenoids for ac excitation current. When the ac solenoid coil has been energized by sinusoidal alternating current, the alternating magnetic flux is generated, and the relation between solenoid coil voltage and the magnetic flux is U = 4.44FNφ m

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