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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the local operations of accelerated USA?

Local Operations Email: [email protected] Services Offered: Local Pickup & Delivery, Warehousing, Line Haul, Cartage, Devanning

What kind of truck is an accelerated truck?

Accelerated uses day cabs, sleepers, straight trucks (w/ lift gate capabilities), and cargo vans. All trailers and rollerbeds are air-ride equipped as well.

Where are accelerated carriers in the Lower Mainland?

Here at Accelerated Carriers we provide specialized SuperB Flat deck and grain services throughout the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Northern BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba We have 8 company trucks and drivers, 8 owner operators and specialized convertible SuperB flat deck trailers that become closed grain trailers.

Why do you need to know about accelerated?

Accelerated has tailored its operation to the needs of freight forwarders, airlines, and integrators. The cutoff times and arrival are scheduled to meet the requirements of those customers. By utilizing Company drivers and equipment, Accelerated is able to maintain the control required to create a network that is distinguished by its consistency.

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