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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Ciaran O Keeffe do with Derek Acorah?

The show's resident parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe said he had set up Acorah by having other crew members feed him false information about spirits in various locations.

What was the cause of death of Derek Acorah?

Most Haunted star Derek Acorah died of sepsis and was trolled on his deathbed by psychics jealous of his fame, his wife has said. Gwen, his second wife, said a couple sent the 69-year-old medium a torrent of messages as they 'wanted his status'.

How did Derek Acorah meet his spirit guide?

Describing his protector, he told the Nottingham Post: 'I first met my spirit guide, Sam, in a previous lifetime when I was an Ethiopian boy and Sam was a friend of the family. This is about 2,038 years ago. 'Sam was an oracle with psychic powers who travelled from village to village.

Why was Derek Acorah banned from driving for two years?

Acorah was banned from driving for more than two years in 2014 after admitting to driving without due care and attention and for failing to provide a breath test following a crash the previous year. He went on to appear in series 20 of Celebrity Big Brother in 2017, where he came fourth.

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