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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Association of Christian Schools International ACSI work?

ACSI strives to lead, support, and serve Christian schools, and educators, by placing them on a path of growth and flourishing using the research-based Flourishing Schools Initiative. This model should link leadership and faculty professional development accreditation, and every culture-driving component of a school.

How many ACSI schools are in the US?

Three trends over three years of Tuition & Salary Survey data Between March and July 2021, we asked ACSI schools to complete our Tuition & Salary Survey (member report available here). Overall, roughly 700 schools participated, a 24% response rate.

When is final round of Anglo Chinese Maths Competition?

The Preliminary Round will be held on 25th July 2019, Thursday and shortlisted candidates will be invited for the Final Round which will be held on Saturday, 21st September 2019. We hope that through this competition, students’ interest and passion in Mathematics will be further enhanced.

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