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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to my bullhorn account?

Press the button and a new browser window will appear. Please login in the new window. If the other page doesn't automatically close after logging in, please close the other page. Login validated.

Who is the VP of client services at bullhorn?

Prior to joining Bullhorn, Emeka was VP of Client Service Operations at Casenet, where he was responsible for scaling implementations, support, and managed services to accounts in the population health management industry. Emeka brings 15 years of experience overseeing enterprise-scale implementations and leading professional services teams.

What does bullhorn do for a recruitment agency?

Robust APIs enable seamless integrations with everything from job boards to pay & bill vendors, and financial reporting tools. Bullhorn unifies your entire agency with solutions that align the work of every department, individual, and role to achieve profit, growth, and a seamless candidate and customer experience.

Who is the Chief Revenue Officer of bullhorn?

As Bullhorn’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mike drives the company’s global revenue growth. Mike was one of the first 15 team members of Bullhorn Inc. in Boston and relocated to London in 2010 to start up the International team.

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