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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to my bullhorn account?

Press the button and a new browser window will appear. Please login in the new window. If the other page doesn't automatically close after logging in, please close the other page. Login validated.

Who is the VP of client services at bullhorn?

Prior to joining Bullhorn, Emeka was VP of Client Service Operations at Casenet, where he was responsible for scaling implementations, support, and managed services to accounts in the population health management industry. Emeka brings 15 years of experience overseeing enterprise-scale implementations and leading professional services teams.

What does bullhorn stand for in privacy policy?

(For purposes of this Privacy Policy any reference to “Bullhorn� or “our� or “us� or “we�) shall mean Bullhorn, Inc., Bullhorn, Bullhorn, International Limited and /or their subsidiaries, as applicable.

How long has Jason been at bullhorn software?

Since his arrival at Bullhorn in 2012, Jason has rapidly grown through the sales organization to his current role. He is an invaluable strategic resource for the enterprise business proving time over time his value not only to Bullhorn, but to our customers as well.

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