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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find acsil support in Liverpool?

0151 261 1166 [email protected] What we do: We provide free and confidential support in the Liverpool and Merseyside areas for people for whom an amputation may be necessary or who already are amputees; this also extends to their families, partners and carers.

What do you need to know about acsil programming?

This page documents various programming concepts for ACSIL (Advanced Custom Study Interface and Language). Each study has a unique instance identifier. Refer to the image below. Many ACSIL Functions require this identifier.

Which is advanced custom study / system interface ( acsil )?

Sierra Chart has a very advanced and easy to use custom study interface and language (ACSIL) which is based on C++ and allows you to create your own custom studies and trading systems, as well as do various other things with Sierra Chart with almost unlimited possibilities.

Where does the acsil interface structure come from?

As you can see there is a leading sc. to many lines of code. This is the ACSIL Interface Members Structure which comes from sierrachart .h that you included in the first line of code.

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