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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CSIRT stand for in incident response?

CERT is also a trademarked term that can refer to documentation, education and certification in incident response. With this in mind, a CSIRT is the team of incident handlers. Additionally, a CSIRT is built to be more cross-functional and aid all departments with all types of incidents.

What should be included in a CSIRT framework?

The framework also outlines service areas CSIRTs could offer constituents, including information security event management, infosec incident management, vulnerability management, situational awareness and knowledge transfer. Download this entire guide for FREE now!

Is there such a thing as an outsourced CSIRT?

Outsourced CSIRT. An outsourced CSIRT can be a helpful option for companies that lack the resources or staff to build an in-house team. This CSIRT model involves staffing an internal CSIRT with contractors rather than employees or outsourcing CSIRT tasks and services that may be only occasionally needed, such as digital forensics.

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