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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with toddlers at home?

Drinking toddler tea out of a real ceramic cup (add lemon or a shake of cinnamon to warm water). We love this gender-neutral set for pretend play and real use. Turning regular shoes into tap shoes, and back again. Gathering all the washcloths in the house and laying them out in various patterns.

What do toddlers like to do?

Toddlers like to explore and that too on their own. They learn different types of things and become aware of different aspects of life through this attitude. They learn about the new world through their falls, bumps, relationship and many other such activities. They pick up anything they see and like and then compare them with other objects.

What are some activities for a 2 year old?

Activities for 2 - 3 year olds. Make a mail box using a shoe box. hide some envelops or papers in different places and let you child find them and put them in the mail box. Paint some egg shells and decorate a small plant. play a game of traffic signal with red and green cards. Ask you child to start running on green signal and stop for red color.

What are some activities for infants?

Infant Play Activities Hold and sing to young babies. Even when babies are able to hold their own bottle, they should be held. Rock, sway, and swing your baby gently to help them develop a sense of movement and balance (vestibular system). Talk to your infant and echo their babble.

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