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Frequently Asked Questions

Does acupuncture really work?

TRUTH: Yes, it is true that acupuncture helps relieve pain, including headaches, back pain, shoulder pain as well as postoperative and chronic pain. However, it also helps alleviate many other conditions, including digestive problems, stress, anxiety, asthma, allergies and menstrual irregularities.

What health conditions can acupuncture treat?

What Can Acupuncture Treat?PainCancerAllergiesHeadache & MigraineSmoking CessationAnxiety & DepressionGynecologic DisordersInsomniaDigestive Disorders

How much does acupuncture cost?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports that acupuncture is safe. Out of millions who receive treatment annually, the agency reports receiving only a few complaints per year about complications from acupuncture. Fees for an initial visit range from $75 to $95 for an acupuncture session and medical consultation. Routine visits cost $50 to $70.

How does acupuncture relieve stress?

Here’s how.Yes, there are needles, and they don’t hurt. ...Acupuncture sessions provide relaxation time. ...There are no side-effects with acupuncture. ...Acupuncture uses your body’s internal mechanisms to bring relief. ...Going to your appointment means taking much needed time for self-care. ...

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