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Frequently Asked Questions

Do used Acura cars have a good reputation?

4) Reliability - Acura has a good reputation for reliability, and that is an important factor when considering used Acura cars. This reputation is backed by solid proof - including a J.D. Power's Vehicle Dependability Study in 2011 - in which Acura came in sixth out of 34 brands with 123 problems per 100, well below the industry average of 151.

Is an Acura a good car?

The Acura TLX is a pretty good car. It gets good gas mileage and has two engine options that are suitable for daily driving. The cabin looks good, the seats are fairly comfortable, and there are plenty of standard and available tech features.

Is Acura considered a foreign car?

Acura is credited as one of the first Japanese car manufacturers to tap into the Foreign Luxury car markets. Its presence is growing in the U.S. and includes markets such as Mexico, and will be introduced into Russia next year. Furthermore, Acura is sold in Europe only under the Honda brand.

Does Acura have a self-driving car?

Honda's effort to bring self-driving cars - or autonomous vehicles (AVs), as they're also called - to our roads is in the hands of its luxury Acura brand in the United States . Although Honda is testing actual Honda mules in Japan, in this country it's Acura that's doing the heavy lifting.

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