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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AcuraLink worth it?

AcuraLink is only beneficial if your car gets stolen. Even if you get in an accident, your state Highway Patrol should have an easy number to dial. But then, there are other services that offer similar options and are sometimes (mostly) cheaper, such as Verizon Hum, are like $10 per month if that

What is the mailing address for Acura financial services?

The address of Acura Financial Services is 24650 Calabasas Rd Calabasas, CA 91302-2544, United States.

What is an Acura sign?

The sign embedded into the oval represents both A (for Acura) and H (for Honda) letters and illustrates a mathematical compass, or caliper, the tool that best symbolizes quality and accuracy, which is rooted into the company’s name. The logo is completed with the Acura word below the oval.

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