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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the 2022 Acura Integra aka Honda Integra prototype?

The all-new 2022 Acura Integra aka Honda Integra prototype, has been spied recently testing on the public road. However, there is little news about this model at this point, but we are glad that the manufacturer decides to bring back this famous car. Back in the 80s, this model was trendy and is marketed in North America as the Acura Integra.

Does the Acura Integra have two seats?

However, the Acura Integra from the latest spy shots has only two-seats. The Insight comes with an 8.0-inch screen as optional, and we think that the same screen will be available on the Honda Integra.

Will there be an Acura Coupe in 2022?

Also, an Acura dealer conference presentation in 2020 showed the brand's 2022 product plan, and it made no mention of this coupe. The breakdown only mentioned the upcoming compact sedan.

What does the spied Toyota Integra prototype look like?

The slim headlights are still present and also a familiar sloping hood styling. The image from the rear also evokes the classic coupe styling, thanks to the rear glass shape and narrow LED taillights. Also, like the Civic Si, the spied Integra prototype also features the same center-exit trapezoidal exhaust, resulting in more attractive behind.

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