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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the 2022 Acura Integra Live up to its name?

During the announcement, Acura's vice president and brand officer Jon Ikeda said the 2022 Integra will retain the "fun-to-drive spirit and DNA" of the original Integra, and given Honda's recent success with performance cars, I'm optimistic that the reborn Integra will live up to the name.

What kind of car is a Honda Integra?

The Honda Integra ( Japanese: ホンダ・インテグラ, Hepburn: Honda Integura), marketed in North America as the Acura Integra, is an automobile produced by Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda from 1985 to 2006, and then since 2021. It succeeded the Quint as a more luxurious and sport-oriented derivative of the Civic.

When did the first Acura Integra come out?

First Generation Integra The vehicle debuted in Japan in 1985 as the Honda Quint Integra before going on sale a year later in North America as part of the all-new (at the time) Acura lineup. The Integra was offered in two configurations: 3-door hatchback (coupe) and four-door hatchback (sedan).

Is this the new Acura Integra's Halo Hybrid Performance Car?

However, as Acura's NSX halo hybrid sports car is ending production in 2022 with the just-announced Type S, it makes sense that Honda's upscale division would want a new iconic nameplate to carry its performance car torch. After the drone presentation was over Acura presented a teaser image on screen, showing the new Integra's headlight.

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