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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Acura Integra hatchback come out?

Acura Integra PDF Workshop and Repair manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalogue, Fault codes free download! The hatchback Acura Integra, debuted in 1986, was a copy of the Honda Quint Integra.

What kind of engine does a Acura Integra have?

Acura Integra received a 1.8-liter engine (130-140 hp), and in 1992 a three-door GS-R, equipped with a 1.7 VTEC engine with a variable valve timing system developing 160 forces, entered the market. The third generation of “Integra” began to offer in 1994 with bodies a three-door hatchback and a sedan-hardtop.

What is the difference between Honda Integra and Acura RSX?

The car was still a copy of the Honda model of the same name. Acura Integra was equipped with engines 1.8 (140-142 hp) and 1.8 VTEC (170 forces), and in 1997 the Type-R version with a boosted to 195 “horses” engine, reconfigured suspension, reinforced brakes and a sports kit bodywork. In 2001, the Acura RSX replaced this model.

What is Honda Acura?

March 27, 1986, was established branch of the concern "Honda Motors" in the US, known as the "Acura Automobiles Division". At the time of the release of the brand, Japanese cars have proven their reliability and economy to customers, now Honda executives have decided to enter the market of prestigious, expensive cars, such as European BMW, Volvo.

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