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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Acura a good car company?

Yes. Like its parent company, Honda, Acura has a good reputation for making dependable vehicles. Bar recent issues with its infotainment system, its cars and SUV generally last a very long time with proper maintenance.

How to become an auto leasing company?

••• Becoming an auto leasing company is a very long process that requires applying for necessary state licenses, establishing the business and building a client base. Auto leasing companies provide consumer and commercial leasing to a range of clients, including retail purchasers of new and used cars, corporate fleets and short-term renters.

Who is Acura owned by?

Acura is owned by Honda, which is a Japanese automaker, and the brand was established in 1986. Honda introduced its luxury line of Acura models to U.S. and Canadian markets around this time and began to quickly make waves with drivers. This was due in large part to the first Acura which was originally called the Channel II.

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