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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to pay my bill online?

Is there a fee to pay my bill online? No, you will not be charged a fee to pay your bill online using your bank account if you sign in to Your Account.

Is it possible to pay a bill online?

Online bill pay service, offered by many banks and credit unions, makes it easier to organize your bills and pay them when they're due. If you juggle rent or a mortgage, cable and electricity bills, credit card payments and more, online bill pay can save time and help you avoid late fees.

Can I pay my tax bill online?

Ways to Pay Your Tax Bill. Pay by Debit or Credit Card. Choose a payment processor to make a tax payment online, by phone or by mobile device. It’s safe and secure. The payment processor will charge a processing fee. The fees vary by service provider and may be tax deductible. No part of the fee goes to the IRS.

Can someone pay their bill online?

Yes they can. When you send an online invoice with the ability for the customer to pay, then can enter whatever amount they want to pay. The invoice will be reflected by their payment.

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