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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the Acura NSX and Type S logos mean?

Exclusive Type S and NSX logos signify this unprecedented moment in Acura history. Shown: NSX Type S with Carbon Fiber Interior Sport Package and Red Semi-Aniline Leather and Alcantara interior.

What kind of paint does the Acura NSX have?

Shown: NSX Type S in Gotham Gray Matte. The NSX Type S is now part of the Type S lineage, leading as the pinnacle of Acura Precision Crafted Performance. Shown: NSX Type S in Gotham Gray Matte with Performance 5-spoke Berlina Black wheels, MDX Type S in Tiger Eye Pearl, and TLX Type S in Tiger Eye Pearl.

What kind of wheels does the 2022 NSX have?

Continuing the legacy of its predecessors, the 2022 NSX returns in Type S form for its final year, embodying our unyielding commitment to Precision Crafted Performance. Shown: 1 st generation NSX in Formula Red and 2022 NSX Type S in Curva Red with Performance 5-spoke Berlina Black wheels.

Will there be a successor to the Nissan NSX?

Taking into account the NSX has only been around since 2016, a successor is not expected to arrive before the end of the decade. With convertible and Type R derivatives en route, it likely means an entirely new one won’t see the light of day until 2023, at least.

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