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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 2020 Acura NSX cost?

Overview Like the original that went out of production in 2005, today's Acura NSX aims to deliver supercar looks and performance in an everyday livable package. After receiving some minor upgrades last year, the 2020 Acura NSX is essentially unchanged from the 2019 NSX. • NSX: $159,495

What is Acura's NSX Type S?

Acura's flagship isn't a large sedan or even a decked-out full-size SUV; it's the 2022 NSX Type S sports car, which utilizes a hybrid powertrain.

What is the second generation Honda NSX?

The second-generation Honda NSX, called the Acura NSX in North America and China, is a 2-seater, all-wheel drive, mid-engine hybrid that succeeded the original, which aws produced in Japan from 1990 to 2005.

Will the 2022 NSX be the last model year?

The bad news: 2022 will be the NSX's last model year before it's discontinued, and only 300 will be available for sale in the U.S. Along with the pumped up powertrain, the 2022 model wears tweaked front-end styling and Type S badging.

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