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Frequently Asked Questions

Which gas does Acura RDX need?

2018 Acura RDX required fuel Acura recommends TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline where available. Do NOT use gasoline containing more than 15% ethanol. Do NOT use gasoline containing methanol. Do NOT use gasoline containing MMT.

Does my Acura need premium gas?

Acura says the redesigned 2014 MDX will require 91-octane premium gas, the same as other Acura models. Regular gas (87 octane) can be used for short periods, but Acura warns: "The use of regular unleaded gasoline can cause metallic knocking noises in the engine and will result in decreased engine performance.

Do you need to used premium fuel in your Acura?

For most Acura models, it is recommended to use premium gas for the best performance, fuel economy, and engine life. Don't worry if you have to use regular or mid-grade once in a while, though. Your car will be just fine. However, for one model, premium gas is not a recommendation.

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