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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Acura RSX a good first car?

Yes, the ILX and Civic can be had with four doors, but neither comes with the enormous hatch of the RSX. The RSX is a seriously good first car or college ride. It can sit four people with plenty of comfort and you will have no problem moving yourself and all of your crap without renting an SUV.

Are Acura RSX good cars?

The RSX Type-S has the extra performance over the base model, and is still a very reliable car. I have seen RSX's approaching 200,000 miles. It also gets 30+ MPG on the highway at 70 -75 mph.

How much does insurance cost for Acura RSX?

The types of coverages available are basically the same and differ only in detail. The average insurance price of the used Acura RSX is above $75 per month ($898 per year). This is dependent on many variables such as your credit score, the place you live, driver record, and the type and model of Acura you drive.

Can I install in my Acura RSX?

Acura RSX Lowering Springs, Suspension Lowering Kit. Acura RSX lowering springs can be a great way to increase the suspension on your RSX. Lowering Springs are designed to lower the ride height for a lower center of gravity, faster turning, and overall suspension performance improvement.

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