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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good reason to buy an Acura?

Acura is a great luxury brand for those interested in getting a higher-quality car, an abundance of features and superior reliability.

Is an Acura better than a Honda?

The only reason Acura is better than Honda is because of the NSeX: Other than this, nothing. The new 2018 Accord arguably makes any Acura sedans redundant. Short of the NSX, the Honda Civic Type-R is faster on track than anything available from Acura.

Does Acura make a coupe?

In 2001, a new coupe , badged as the RSX was introduced to the Acura line up. It was a replacement for the outgoing Integra. The RSX is a rebadged Honda Integra (DC5) from the Japanese market. As a result, the RSX is technically a new generation of the outgoing Integra.

What company makes Acura cars?

Acura (/ˈækjʊrə/) is the luxury vehicle marque of Japanese automaker Honda. The brand was launched in the United States and Canada in March 1986, marketing luxury, performance, and high-performance vehicles.

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