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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Acuvue 2 contacts monthly?

Vision Direct is the online home of widest range of economical contact lenses in Europe ... helping people save on their monthly eye care bills for last 2 decades. It was established in 1998 ...

What is Acuvue 2?

Acuvue 2 is one of the most convenient and easy to apply contact lenses that give you clear and crisp vision every day. These Acuvue contacts offer extended wear comfort for up to two weeks, so you can enjoy clear eyesight for longer! Acuvue 2 contacts feature UV blocking technology for those that are active or out in the sun frequently.

What are the best contact lenses?

Weddings are effort-intensive and stressful affairs. For those who are constantly on the go during the wedding season, disposable contact lenses are the best option. These can be worn after one or a couple of uses and be discarded.

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