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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of contact lenses?

Acuvue is the leading contact lenses brand in the world. The brand from Johnson & Johnson Company gained credit for being the first company on the globe to produce daily wear and dispose contact lenses.

Who makes Acuvue contacts?

Acuvue (from "Accurate view") is a brand of disposable contact lenses made by Jacksonville and Limerick-based Vistakon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Acuvue lenses got their start at Frontier Contact Lens Company, a small company that started in the 1950s and opened a branch in Jacksonville.

Which contact lenses can you sleep in?

Air Otpix Night&Day Aqua is the most well known extended wear contact lens brand, and the most commonly prescribed by optometrists who want to sleep with their contact lenses. The reason why this is the first brand that comes to mind for this purpose is that it’s extremely high in oxygen transmissibility.

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