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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my Acuvue® brand contacts rewards?

Getting access to rewards is actually pretty easy when you purchase an annual supply of ACUVUE ® Brand Contacts, and we're so sure you'll be happy with your new contact lenses, we offer a Money Back Guarantee! Follow these easy steps to redeem your reward. Sign Up For Our Free* Contact Lenses.

Do Acuvue contact lenses have a rebate?

Some Acuvue contact lenses have a massive rebate that you should take advantage of if you’re in the market for an annual supply of new contact lenses. In fact, with MyACUVUE Rewards you can get over $100 off per year with proof of an ACUVUE purchase.

Does my Acuvue ® brand Visa prepaid card expire?

Does my ACUVUE ® Brand Visa Prepaid card expire? Reward type (Physical or Digital) must be selected within three (3) months of receiving reward email or reward will expire. Once reward type is selected, the funds must be used within six (6) months or the reward will expire.

What purchases are eligible for Acuvue® rewards?

ACUVUE ® Rewards are only valid on in-office purchases and purchases made at participating retail locations. Rewards are not valid for internet purchases or purchases made at non-participating retail locations.

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