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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Algiz?

Algiz is the single strongest energy connected with my own existence. It is a protective teaching force that promotes independence and autonomy as well as faith. Courage in the face of fear is central, not the absence of fear, because fear may or may not be a warning to us that protection and defensiveness is necessary.

Is Algiz always a sign of danger?

In reversed position, Algiz is always the sign of warning, the alarm signal that we should pay attention to. Depending on the asked question, the danger that Alzir warns us about can manifest under different aspects. Socially, reversed Algiz announces a precarious situation.

What is the meaning of Algiz reversed meaning?

The Algiz reversed meaning says that it would be helpful to avoid recollecting your previous mistakes. Again try to shun counting criticisms instead of compliments. Find ways to boost a positive mindset. Allow positive thoughts and feelings to breed within you.

How does Algiz work with the Valkyrie?

The image of the Valkyrie in mythology is fully representative of the way in which the energies of Algiz work to protect you. Meditating on the image of a Valkyrie in her teacher, swan and warrior forms is a powerful method of invoking Algiz energy. The Valkyrie will not assist in evading punishment for wrong deeds, or illegal or immoral acts.

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