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Frequently Asked Questions

Is aerooft updater fixed for ILS?

I went to Aerooft and downloaded their file (It was the same file size as the earlier released) and the ILS didn't look like it was fixed. I then realized I have an item on my Menu called Aerosoft Updater. ASupdaer.exe I ran it and it listed all the aerosoft addons I have installed. It told me nothing else.

How do MSFS updates work?

These updates work via the links, i.e. new/modified files are transferred to the place where you have your addons physically installed (in my case a folder "MSFS Addones") BTW, I own Bali myself. If memory serves me right, I installed version 1.0 from the AS shop and updated it via the updater to which is presently shown as installed.

What is the Aerosoft support data base?

The Aerosoft support data base provides downloads of up to date program files/updates/installers for DVD/Box version customers from the Aerosoft product range. Register games and simulations. To be eligible for this support please register with your email adress.You will then receive a confirmation email.

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