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Frequently Asked Questions

What has happened in Afghanistan in the year since the Taliban seized?

The year since has been disastrous for the country. ISLAMABAD (AP) — A bombing killed a prominent Taliban cleric on Thursday at his religious center in the Afghan capital of Kabul, authorities said, the latest attack to strike the country in the year since the former insurgents seized power.

How many people died in the Kabul gun battle?

ISLAMABAD (AP) — A gunbattle in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul left at least five people dead Wednesday, including two Taliban police and three Islamic State group gunmen, a Taliban official said.

What's happening in Kabul?

A person injured in a bomb blast is carried outside a Kabul hospital on Thursday. British soldiers secure the perimeter outside the Baron Hotel in Kabul on Thursday. A person is wheeled on a stretcher outside a hospital on Thursday. Injured women arrive at a hospital for treatment on Thursday.

What happened at the Russian embassy in Afghanistan?

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A suicide bombing outside the Russian Embassy in the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday killed two members of the embassy staff and at least one Afghan civilian in a rare attack on a foreign diplomatic mission in Afghanistan.

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