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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of afloat?

Definition of afloat. 1a : borne on or as if on the water. b : being at sea. 2 : free of difficulties : self-sufficient the inheritance kept them afloat for years. 3a : circulating about nasty stories were afloat.

What is another word for afloat?

Another word for afloat. afloat Synonyms. modif. adrift, drifting, floating, unfastened, loose, untied, unfixed, on the seas, at sea, on board ship, sailing, seaworthy, flooded, on the high seas, in service, commissioned. Antonyms ashore*, docked, beached.

What does staying afloat mean?

The definition of afloat refers to something that stays on the surface of the water and does not sink. A person who is treading water is an example of a person who is staying afloat.

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