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Frequently Asked Questions

How to sign up for Afterpay?

Visit the Afterpay website to create your account. You will be asked for basic personal information as well as your credit or debit card details. Once you sign up for Afterpay and download the app, you can use the virtual Afterpay Card.

What stores offer after pay?

Clothing Stores that Accept Afterpay . Shop for women's clothing at Anthropologie, a popular retailer, then pay with Afterpay and enjoy your purchase while paying across four installments. Urban Outfitters is another popular clothing store with Afterpay users, as is SHEIN, which is by far the most popular store for affordable women's fashion.

How much does Afterpay charge merchants?

Afterpay charges a 4.17% merchant fee on all sales made via the platform. The company also makes money from the customer via late fees. The benefits of Afterpay

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