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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate stock price?

Use a simple formula to determine the present value of the stock price. The formula is D+E/(1+R)^Y where D is any dividends expected to be paid during the period, E is the expected stock price, Y is the number of years down the line, and R is the real rate of return you estimated.

How to calculate stock value?

Stock price = price-to-earnings ratio / earnings per share To calculate a stock's value right now, we must ensure that the earnings-per-share number we are using represents the most recent four quarters of earnings.

How are stock prices determined?

At a very basic level, economists know that stock prices are determined by the supply of and demand for them, and stock prices adjust to keep supply and demand in balance (or equilibrium). At a deeper level, however, stock prices are set by a combination of factors that no analyst can consistently understand or predict.

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