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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create Google Photos album?

Creating a Private Album on the Web Open in a web browser. Sign in to Google Photos. Click the plus (+) sign at the top of the page. Click “Album” in the “Create New” menu. Click each photo you want to add to the album. Click Create. Type a name for the album in the text box. Add a description.

How can I get list of albums in Google Photos?

To find photo and video albums in Google Photos, Go to & sign in to your account or open 'Google Photos' app on your mobile device. Click or tap 'Menu' icon located at the top left corner on the screen and select 'Collections' tab. Click the drop-down menu and select 'Albums' option.

Can I move a Google photo album into another album?

Albums can be transferred one by one by sharing the album and adding the photos to a new album in the other account. That preserves the Descriptions added in Google Photos, and the dates changed to get the photos in the correct order. click the + (Add to) icon and select "New album" or an existing one.

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